Lifelong philanthropist and philosopher, Jared Angaza holds a space for evocative discussions on philosophy, science, consciousness, politics, and culture. How do we utilize the wisdom of indigenous cultures, sages, and revolutionaries to forge a path towards peace and unity? The intention of the show is to inspire you to live deliberately and to come into alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit.



Jared is a strategist and philanthropist. For 20 years he has created strategies, brands, campaigns, events, and teachings that help us re-imagine philanthropy and transform perspectives. Jared coaches and consults for individuals, brands, and governments across the globe and is on a quest to contribute to a more harmonious world.

Jared lived and worked full time in East Africa for over a decade before moving to Costa Rica for the past year and a half. Now he and his family are living in his hometown of Nashville, TN as they prepare to launch a few of their latest philanthropic ventures.

For more information on Jared, you can visit his website HERE.



For two decades now, Jared and his wife Ilea, have been developing projects, experiences, and brands that foster reverence for our interconnectedness. Their latest project is Inipi, and Inipi Radio was created to be its voice. Here's a little information about the larger project.

Inipi is an experiential teaching series and immersion learning space designed to cultivate alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit.

We are a collective of teachers, students, healers and philanthropists with a vision to help further our collective journey towards self actualization. At Inipi, we develop programs and host camps, healing, culinary, and teaching experiences designed to inspire people to align their lives with love.

We design and host our own events and programs, as well as gatherings from outside organizations and individuals. Some types of evens include lectures, culinary gatherings, concerts, healing practices, art exhibits, workshops, camps, retreats, trainings and cultural events. 

If you're interested in learning more about Inipi, click the button below to explore. We'd love to welcome you to the movement!


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